Who is Julian M. Bucknall?

Some information about who I am and what makes me qualified to talk about Delphi programming topics.

My Job

I work for TurboPower Software Company. I'm their Director of Programming. Sounds grand, eh?. What it involves is basically overseeing the entire development team for all of TurboPower's products. You can pretty well guess the types of things this involves: design reviews, code reviews, mentoring, decision making, management, etc, etc.

...and every now and again I get to design and program something for one of the products. The last thing I did was to rewrite the Deflate algorithm implementation for Abbrevia 3. Several reasons: the old code was a nightmare, we wanted to add Deflate64, but the main one, I suppose, was that I wanted to know how it was done. What better way to understand an algorithm than write an implementation of it?

I do get to look after some of our products as well. I'm the B-Tree Filer guy for one, and, if you have a Sleuth QA Suite tech support question and phone in instead of using the newsgroup, you'll get me. If I'm at my desk, that is, otherwise you get my voice-mail.

I've been with TurboPower for over eight years now, by far the longest I've ever worked for anyone. Why? What is it about TurboPower that makes me stay? The short and simple answer is the work and the people. The work is fascinating: writing libraries for other programmers, trying to put yourself in their heads and working out how they'd use a particular bit of code, or a class, or a unit. The people are great: everyone pulls together and is very loyal to the company. It's a very satisfying job.

My Spare Time Job

I'm a columnist for The Delphi Magazine, an excellent source of high-quality, hard-to-find Delphi information.

I write the Algorithms Alfresco column, a monthly article of matters algorithmic aimed directly at Delphi programmers. I try and include all levels of programmers in my articles, sometimes the topic will be on something introductory, and sometimes on something advanced. There's something for everyone.

My Spare Time Hobby

When I any spare time left (har! har!), I act in local theatre productions.

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