TurboPower blog

At TurboPower we were given some space to host our own blog, should we want to. I set one up using — gasp! — FrontPage. I maintained this particular blog until around 2000, by which time I was solely updating boyet.com. It stayed up until Roy, our webmaster, finally retired the servers when TurboPower was closed down. He was kind enough to create a zip file of the contents for me, and that's what you see here.


In order to re-host the contents here I made a couple of minor changes. First and foremost was to limit the content width: originally it just took up the full width of the browser window (and hence the 'small' screen size of the day). Second was removing all the files needed for the FrontPage server-side extensions (these pages are now completely static). I warn you that there's quite a bit of 'link rot', it's a table-based layout (brrrr!), and validating the HTML will show you errors you've totally forgotten about and never wish to see again.

Original Boyet.com blog

I purchased boyet.com in November 1998. It was originally hosted on TurboPower's servers (an employee perk, if you will) but I soon changed that and used TDMWeb instead (owned by the editor/owner of The Delphi Magazine, for which I used to write a monthly algorithms column). I'd pretty much had it with FrontPage with my TurboPower blog, so this one was more "hand-crafted" in a way (I'm guessing I copied the 'template' from somwehere, but I no longer recall). For some reason, when I completely updated the blog in 2003 to use CityDesk, I deleted (and never saved) the default home page, so all that's left are the sub-pages shown on the left. Obviously the text on some of those pages has migrated into pages on my newer blogs.