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Welcome to my home page, and to the Web site it covers. 

Like all home pages on the Web, it is continually under construction.  And I warn you now, like all other home pages, it is idiosyncratic, eclectic, stupid, intelligent, boorish and boring.  But what the hey!  Also, don't expect too much razzle dazzle. I don't have time to continually be on the lookout for images and flash multimedia, or even create them myself.  The style of this Web site could be called unadorned rather than plain.  I'll admit to using Microsoft FrontPage for it at the moment, but the only reason for that is that it's what we use at the company I work for.

So What's New?

A brief autobiography for those who are interested. I also act in plays.

I'm also the author of EZDSL, the Easy Data Structures Library for Delphi.
    Version 3.01 released on 14 May, 1998.

Some links on subjects I'm interested in. I'm also building up a set of book reviews.

What's New
Book Reviews

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