There are a certain set of links that I generally follow every day. The Web sites they refer to are (obviously) on things I'm interested in.

TurboPower Software Company - it's where I work, duh!

Delphi - not the place, but the compiler!

Skepticism - being a critical thinker, not being gullible.

Entertainment - films, books, music (not TV particularly, I don't watch it)

Miscellaneous - some interesting and fascinating sites, not necessarily interrelated, just not boring.

Bizarro! - just plain eccentric, some of the wierd wacky websites I've seen on my surftravel.

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HateWatch - a site that monitors hate sites on the Internet. I'm not a great fan of advertising banners, but the good work that this site is doing discovering and unveiling other sites that preach intolerance and hate means that I just have to break my own rules. This is a strong site detailing man's inhumanity to man; I must admit that I find it sometimes hard to take - it gets me so %$@#*ing mad that people treat other people in these ways. Recommended.

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