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This page details the changes I've been making to my Web site.  It's a matter of convenience, if anything: it rounds up the various changes under one roof so you don't have to wander around the site trying to spot the new things.  Especially for frequent viewers...

Without any more preamble:

30 June, 2000

EZDSL has moved to a new home. 


29 June, 2000

Yes, it's me again! No, I'm not dead, I just have no life. Anyway, EZDSL is being changed...  

26 October, 1999

Yikes, it's been a while since I updated this site... Anyway, I've released version 3.02 of EZDSL. Not many changes, just official support for Delphi 4 and 5. Download it now!

16 June, 1999

Added more comments on the sorting chapter from Delphi 3.0 Algorithms on the Computer Book Reviews page.

5 May, 1999

I've added a review of Digital Typography by Don Knuth. This book has really impressed me; I found it completely fascinating. Well worth it.

17 March, 1999

I've added a book review of Enduring Love.

11 March, 1999

I've added book reviews of Summer for the Gods, Cosm, and A Song of Stone.

4 March, 1999

I've updated the Plays page (about ruddy time too!) with the reviews of What The Butler Saw. Also the day before yesterday, I ran across a couple of funny sites which I've put in my Miscellaneous page. Unfortunately IllusionWorks ho longer has a web site so I removed it. Boy, does FrontPage go gaga when an image link is broken...

27 January, 1999

A little clean-up, hardly worth mentioning really, to the Computer Book Reviews page.

13/14 January, 1999

I've written a few more book reviews. Novels this time, including a favorite from way back by Christopher Priest. The lengthy review of Delphi 3.0 Algorithms has been moved to a new Computer Book Reviews page.

12 January, 1999

After a long time away from my site: I'm baaaaaack! Who knows why it's taken me so long to update everything from last September? Well, I got married, we were broke, I was behind in my articles for The Delphi Magazine, I wanted to catch up on some reading, etc, etc. And since last September, FrontPage did it to me again and trashed my Web site - OK, it's official: I dislike it intensely and will be moving on.

In the meantime, I've also purchased a domain name and have been designing that new web site (it won't use FrontPage extensions, fer shure: twice bitten, in the trash). I bought a great book to help me: The Non-Designers Web Book by Robin Williams and John Tollett; more of which later. The new web site will be dedicated to my programming stuff (EZDSL, my articles, various new how-to articles, etc), leaving this web site for my personal stuff. Of course there'll be links to and fro. I'll be revealing the new site when it's presentable.

So onto the new stuff today. The plays page changed with news of my new part in What the Butler Saw. I finally finished my review of Ready to Run Delphi 3.0 Algorithms by Rod Stephens: a blockbuster of a review. At least it shows I read the damn book which is more than can be said for any tech editor during the editing stage.

Old stuff

18 September, 1998
    The reviews for All in the Timing.
17 September, 1998
    A new bug fix for EZDSL 3.01 on the EZDSL Bug Fixes page.
15 September, 1998
    Continued writing the review of Ready-to-Run Delphi 3.0 Algorithms.
27 August, 1998
    Started writing a review of Ready-to-Run Delphi 3.0 Algorithms on the books review page.
18 August, 1998
    Added the Marilyn Is Wrong! site to the Miscellaneous page.
6 August, 1998
    Created a Miscellaneous page, updated the Links page to point to it.
5 August, 1998
    Updated the Plays page with more details about All in the Timing.
2 August, 1998
    Updated the Plays page with full list of roles in US.
30 July, 1998
    Updated the books review page with three more reviews.
    Minor changes to the Plays page.
27 July, 1998
    Split off Alice from the Plays page, as it's now finished.
15 July, 1998
    The Colorado Springs Independent review for Alice in Wonderland.
14 July, 1998
    The Bizarro! page has a great review of the science in Armageddon.
10 July, 1998
    The Gazette's review for Alice is in
9 July, 1998
    Added Alice's cast list to the Plays page
8 July, 1998
    Opening night for Alice in Wonderland, updated Plays page
7 July, 1998
    Added a new book review.
1 July, 1998
    Added "the cure for cancer" to the Bizarro! page.
30 June, 1998
    Added a new book review.
23June, 1998
    Started to split up the Plays page.
19June, 1998
    Added a new book review.
13 June, 1998
Added a Book Review page.
    Expanded the Entertainments page.
3 June, 1998
    Added a link to HateWatch on the Links page.
21 May, 1998
    Bizarro! page updated.
20 May, 1998
    No Exit is over, the the Plays page is updated.
15 May, 1998
    The Gazette review for No Exit.
14 May, 1998
    The Colorado Springs Independent review for No Exit.
    EZDSL 3.01 was released, updated the EZDSL page.
13 May, 1998
    Added the Plays page
12 May, 1998
    Well, FrontPage completely messed up my web site, so every page looks like it's been changed as I struggled to get everything back to normal. Much restoring of backups later, I think we're back online. Meanwhile, here are the real changes:
    EZDSL 3.00 bug report
    EZDSL 3.01 release announced on the EZDSL page
20 April, 1998
    EZDSL 3.00 was released, updated the EZDSL page.
8 April, 1998
    Added the Bizzarro! page.
    Updated the look-n-feel.
2 April, 1998
    Started filling out the Entertainment Links page.
    Added a couple more links to the Delphi page
1 April, 1998
    Various clean-up issues
    Split the Links page into separate subpages
    Switched FrontPage themes
20 March, 1998 
    Added the EZDSL for Delphi 3 page
11 March, 1998 
    Added this What's New Page (duh! - it has to be the first item on a What's New page)
    Added some more text and links to the links page.



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